Media and Communication Unit

This unit is dedicated to ensuring the proper dissemination of information within the church and to the general public. This unit comprises of individuals with experience in content management, photography, Public Relations, digital marketing, videography and graphics designing. This unit is in charge of ensuring that special moments are captured in different media forms and made available to the church and public when needed.

Goals of the media and communication unit

To provide relevant and educative information in a timely manner

To capture special moments in different media forms (picture, video, etc)

To enhance the communication between members and leaders of the church

Core Values

Innovation: No one is expected to be static or flow with the status quo. With every passing day, we get better, trying things in a new and different way to get better outcomes.

Proactive: We do not wait for things to happen to us before we act. We ensure that our team pays close attention to every detail that happens in the church in order to be well positioned to deliver valuable information that meets the needs of our members.

Kaizen: Members of this unit are committed to continuous learning. This is a very important aspect as with every passing day, trends change in the media and communication world. To keep abreast with the current trends in the digital space, we create quality time to train and retrain ourselves either virtually or in-person.

Expectations of media and communication team
  • Must be willing to devote yourself exclusively to the service of the church
  • At all times, conduct yourself properly and show respect to constituted authorities, within, and outside the church
  • Not divulge any media material or private information of the church/member to the public
  • Must be punctual at all service
  • Availability at all services, weekly, Sunday and special services
Where to find us


6 Alhaji Olusesi Way, by Taiwo bus stop, off Ago Palace way, Okota, Lagos.