Assimilation Corner

The Assimilation Crew manages the Welcome Centre of RCCG The HUB. We ensure the assimilation and integration of new members into the church.

We help first-time guests and new believers to settle in and groom a sense of belonging in them, while nurturing their spiritual growth and experience in a vibrant but conducive, friendly and homely atmosphere.

We promote interaction and interrelationships amongst our members, and we ensure that each member does not look out only for his/her own affairs, but also the affairs and welfare of others within healthy limits (Philippians 2:4).

We create a platform for members of the church to stay connected to each other in a dynamic way. Our love essence is the flavour that runs through the veins and fabrics of the whole church!

You are in for a wonderful and amazing experience, as we share in brotherly (and Sisterly) love!

What are you waiting for?

Join us today as we hand-in-hand create the best atmosphere for each other’s growth and fulfilment!


You’re always welcome!

Where to find us


6 Alhaji Olusesi Way, by Taiwo bus stop, off Ago Palace way, Okota, Lagos.