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Victorious Living By Faith (Pt 2)

As we have learned from the part 1 of this article, Jesus has won the battle for us and has given us victory. Even with this revelation, some questions still arise that make people wonder how they can live victoriously by faith. Here is a continuation of some of the top questions that people have asked in the past:

1. Can you face any situation higher than your faith?

Answer: The answer to this NO! There can never be any situation higher than your faith. God has made a way of escape for every for every challenge you may face in life so no matter what you may face, it can never be bigger than your faith. You need to know that the trying of your faith only leads to more victories in your life. Never forget that you have the capacity to overcome any challenge you may face in life.

2. What are the practical steps to get the manifestation of victory in your life?

Answer:  Often times, people wonder how the victory they feel in them by faith can be manifested in their life. They seek for the expression of victorious living both within and outside. What many believers need to understand is that sometimes, we end up being the reason for a delay in the expression and manifestation of our victorious living. There are certain things that when we do or fail to do them, we limit ourselves from enjoying the victorious life that we have been given. An example is unforgiving spirit. Things like this can cause your faith not to work. Whatever any person may have done to you, you need to learn to forgive and let go. Always remember that faith works by love. On the path of God, faith will always work; you just always have to check yourself.

3. How do we manage rationality when our thoughts begin to affect our faith?

Answer: The gateway to your life is your heart. Be careful what you let into your heart. At all times, what you say must align with what is in your heart for it to work. Also, you need to learn how to have more of what God is saying than what more of the world is saying.

4. Can immense faith be a substitute for prayers?

Answer: Some people assume that building capacity in faith can make up for prayers in their lives; that if they can command a mountain to move, then faith can take up the place of prayers in their lives. What they fail to realized is that faith cannot exist without prayer. Not praying already shows that you are out of faith. Praying is acting in faith; through prayers, you grow your relationship with your Father.

5. How do I grow faith and stand my ground in faith?

Answer: Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the Word. To grow your faith, you need to spend time hearing God’s word and meditating. You need to load your mind with God’s word and how much He can do. This helps your belief system align with God. Never forget that faith is an action word so it requires you doing things like speaking and acting. When we say we have faith, we must speak/act it.

We have a responsibility of what eventually becomes of us. We have a choice and things to do to live victoriously by faith. Faith sis to first hear the word, then do the word. Lastly, always have it in your mind that faith is believing in a person- Jesus Christ the Anointed.

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