Victorious How To Enjoy Victorious Living In Your Health

How To Enjoy Victorious Living In Your Health

Just like the cliché goes, “health is wealth”. No matter how much a person has, it is difficult to be joyful when the person suffers from poor health or some form of chronic disease. Some people at an early age in their lives have been forced to stick to routine diets and medications due to one ailment or the other. Some have been forced to stop some activities that they love because those activities are considered too strenuous and detrimental to their health. When a person is faced with such situations, it most often robs them of enjoying a joyful living.

As humans, we have a tripartite nature- spirit, body and soul. For you to enjoy robust health and wellness, you must cater for these three dimensions of your being. Sadly enough, people only pay attention to their body health. While it is good to pay attention to body, leaving any of these three dimensions of your being uncared for will call for implications for the others.

In the world where we live today, many people, even some believers, have allowed science to override the place of faith in their lives. While it is good to diligently follow the prescriptions of a doctor, some people forget that there is a place of healing in their life through faith. They forget that a disease or illness can be reversed; instead, they stick to dealing with it with medications and managing it for the rest of their existence.

As a believer, who has been saved by Jesus, disease is not what you are expected to learn to manage for the scripture does not call for us to believe the opinion of science over faith. One thing you need to know about diseases is that they can be prevented, reversed or managed. Unfortunately when a person is diagnosed with a disease, it is ultimately left for the person to choose whether to find ways to reverse it or just accept it as a life condition and learn to manage it. There is always a choice and that choice is always going to be yours.

One important thing that you must know is that knowledge is the best prescription that we need in life, not more medications. Knowledge helps us make better informed decisions. Even as believers who work in faith, we need to inform ourselves in matters of health and healthy living. Do not just assume that you will never fall ill because you are a Christian. Many diseases are preventable but it takes knowledge to do so. It’s what you know that will let you know the kind of meals that are detrimental to your health when you are older; the kind of exercises that you need to stay both physically and mentally fit.

To live healthily, there are certain conditions that we must not indulge in. For us to enjoy victorious living in our health, abstinence is a discipline that we all must imbibe. It’s only discipline that can help you overcome your cravings for sugar. It’s only discipline that can make you stop a bad habit detrimental to your health and start a new lifestyle beneficial to your health. To better enjoy victorious living in your health, here are some extra vital points for you to know:

    1. Maintaining a personal hygiene and keeping our environment clean is a path to living healthy.
    2. To live in good health and wellness, we must understand that balance and moderation is important.
    3. It is important to nourish your body with nutritious meal. An example of this is adopting the water therapy.
    4. Just as it is good to consume nutritious meals to stay healthy, it is also very important that you consume scriptural diets to feed your spirit and soul.
    5. If you want your life to be happy, learn to enjoy clean fun; enjoy life. Having fun can keep you mentally elated which can improve your mental health and general wellbeing.
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